Riding Profile - Carleton-Mississippi Mills

Riding Profile - Carleton-Mississippi Mills
The electoral district of Carleton-Mississippi Mills with a population of approximately 128,915, is composed of the Township of Mississippi Mills, Goulbourn, Kanata and West Carleton; all outstanding communities recognized for their natural and architectural beauty, lively cultural scene, high quality of life and respect for their heritage and environment.

Home of the Ottawa Senators and quaint suburban and rural communities that attract tourists, the region plays host every year to thousands of visitors, NHL superstars, music artists, movie stars and athletes.

Carleton-Mississippi Mills is a diverse riding; geographically split between suburban and rural lines, each area having their own unique yet equally important issues. High Tech, the Public Service, and Agriculture are among the top employment sectors in the riding.

"Carleton" - The "Carleton" portion of the riding name derives from the historic Carleton County, which once encompassed all the municipalities bordering the old City of Ottawa, from Gloucester to West Carleton. Carleton County was formed in 1798 and named after Sir Guy Carleton, an influential military and administrative figure in Canada's formative years. Goulbourn, Kanata and West Carleton all have their roots in Carleton County.

"Mississippi Mills" - Mississippi Mills lies within Lanark County, and is itself a recent product of restructuring by the Provincial government. On January 1, 1998, the Town of Mississippi Mills was created by merging the Town of Almonte with the Townships of Ramsay and Pakenham. ’Mississippi’ is the name of the river running through the area, and ’mills’ is a reference to the numerous grist, wool and saw mills that once were so central to the area’s economy.

For more information on the Carleton-Mississippi Mills electoral district visit: www.elections.ca